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For all things REAL ESTATE in Geneva…..

Copy_of_press_photos_for_teresa_0_4 Make sure you view this weekly market update site to keep yourself informed on what is probably one of the greatest investments that you hold….. YOUR REAL ESTATE!

When planning a trip to Florida for spring break, the preparations almost always include a daily, almost obsessive check of the Weather Channel, for weeks prior to the upcoming vacation! Anticipation and expectations are high, always counting on better weather in sunny Florida than that which you are leaving behind in Geneva!! We base our decisions on the information we have on a specific area we are interested in, and we believe what we hear from the local experts who are telling us about their weather. Why, then, aren’t we doing that with our own real-estate needs? Why do we have to be subjected to national statistics and doom-and-gloom reports from the media? Shouldn’t we tune in to our local experts for a real-time analysis of our market? Have a local Realtor check the radar for us?  For many of us, the home we live in constitutes the biggest financial committment we have. We should all be basing any of our real estate decisions on the current, local conditions, not on what we read online or see on CNN.  I would be disingenuous if I told you that we haven’t weathered a few storms this year… inventory is high, foreclosures are mounting, and the mortgage industry is re-inventing itself even as I post this comment. However, as the clouds pass, we see that interest rates are unbelievably low still, and the opportunities for buyers/investors have never been better. Now is a great time to invest in an income property! We have incredible values in townhomes and small single family homes right here in our community! What a great place to park some money in 2008….

For local real-estate information, just call me. I am happy to share my observations and experiences with all of you. Don’t listen to the network news and the negative reporting… I am predicting a sunny forecast for 2008, for all of us! 


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