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Presentation is EVERYTHING….


Yes, it is true! Presentation IS everything…. just ask the chef at your favorite restaurant, or the owner of your favorite hair salon, or the merchandising experts at Target…. we buy what we like to see! It’s the same with real estate… Most of the time we don’t buy just what we need, we buy what we like when we look at it! We don’t all NEED a master suite, a luxury tub, a finished basement, a fireplace, a main floor laundry room (you get the picture here??) We buy these things because we like how they are "presented".

When you have your home on the market, in THIS MARKET, do yourself a favor- "PRESENT IT" to the buyers. It has been my very recent experience that the homes that are "presented" to buyers are the ones that are selling. If you live in the home you are selling,do a little organizing. Organize the closets, the basement and the garage. Stack in all neatly and store it away. Buy some new hand towels for each bathroom. Buy some accessories. Have your windows cleaned. Change your furnace filter. Wipe down the water heater and the furnace area. "Present" your home as if it were a gift to be treasured and enjoyed.

If you are selling a vacant home, be sure it is truly vacant! Clean all of your left-behinds out of the home. Paint and spackle the walls. Put new lightbulbs in all of the fixtures, and make sure there are lights/lamps in every room of the home. Purchase some accessories and place them in the home. Even the Dollar Store can be a boon to a homeowner with a vacant property to sell! For less than $100 you can purchase hand towels, candles, greenery, baskets, seasonal decorations and housewares to stage a home with…..When you have things in the home that the buyer can look at when they are viewing the home, then it takes their attention away from the imperfections commonly visible in a vacant property….

Buyers can afford to be picky as inventory is at an all-time high right now. In Geneva alone we have 246 single family detached homes on the market as of today, March 11…. Ranging in price from $165,500 all the way through $1,850,000, the competition is fierce right now.  Buyers will notice and remember the homes that appear to be sparkling clean and maintained well. Make sure your home is one of them!


Teresa Keenan


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