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All Realtors are not the same!

Just as your dentist is licensed, your attorney is licensed and your family doctor is licensed…. so is your Realtor! And, just as your dentist, your attorney and your doctor are all different from others in their field, so is your Realtor!!

Don't skip the opportunity to shop for a Realtor before you shop for your home. It's so easy to go online to look through the Realtor.com site…. millions of consumers do that over and over each day. They surf the net for homes on their way to work while they are riding the train, while on their lunch hour, and they search again during the evening news, with laptop on hand! It's so easy to put the parameters into the search feature, and then…. WHOA!! Tons of inventory to look at? YES! Photos of each property? YES!! Bedrooms! Bathrooms! Lot sizes! Schools! So much to choose from!!

With all of that information available, why would you need a Realtor? You need a professional who will help you negotiate the best deal for YOU…someone who can explain the real estate tax system locally, tell you about utility costs associated with each property, municipal services in each community they specialize in, local zoning issues that may impact the properties you would be interested in….. someone to facilitate the paperwork…. someone to help you make an educated decision based on facts and trends in their marketplace…someone who works with CREDIBLE lenders in their area, someone who is contractually obligated to represent YOU and only YOU in the transaction! For what will inarguably be one of the largest purchases in your lifetime, do yourself a favor…..use a professional!


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