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Credit cards

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When we moved out of our old office at 115 Campbell Street, downtown Geneva, we leased our space to the nicest ladies. They operate a business called “Just Credit Solutions,” which is a credit repair/counseling service. Naturally I was interested in their gig because so many of my clients ask me about credit right now. Credit, or lack thereof, drives our country right now! It affects the rate you pay for your mortgage, your credit cards, and even your car insurance!! True!

So, as soon as I had an opportunity, I referred a buyer to these gals. Miracle of all miracles, they helped this buyer repair some goofy issues on her report, and a couple of issues that were legit as well. They assisted her in raising her score substantially, and then lo and behold, she was able to qualify for a mortgage and buy a home! They have also helped a few others that I have sent their way as well.

If you have occasion to get your credit report repaired, do not hesitate to call them! They are professional, highly confidential, and totally affordable.



Ask for Jan, Tina or Cari!!!


Teresa Keenan


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My husband wants to switch Realtors…..

Is this a clever way of marketing? Or just childish vandalism? Leave your thoughts at the bottom of the post and let me know!! (and YES… it’s a real sign…. I took the photo myself while I was out previewing properties in Batavia! I took the liberty of a little “photo-shopping” in order to protect the innocent!)


this is why all Realtors should check on their vacant listings!!!

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The sign that you have arrived at one of Kane County's top 2010 top 20 real estate offices!



This was the remark from a fellow Realtor I was with last Thursday night at a function that was sponsored by a loan officer I do a lot of business with. I shrugged my shoulders and told her my company had our best year ever, and I had my best year ever, as well, ┬áin 2010. Then I laughed until I cried when she told me, ” you still have your diamond earrings on… everyone else has hocked theirs!” HAHA!!!

Now, let’s make clear that this is not Teresa Rockefeller authoring the post!! I have beautiful earrings that my husband purchased for me many, many moons ago. MANY moons! At a time in my life (marriage) when earrings were very valued gift. At this time in my life (marriage) a more appreciated gift is a warm dinner, prepared by said spouse, and a laundry basket full of clean and folded laundry, also prepared by said spouse!!! Now that’s my kind of gift!!!

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