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Great article in today’s Trib about Shodeen’s very recent sale of a great apartment complex in Geneva.  Could it be that Shodeen sees the market turning around? Maybe he thinks the halcyon days of renters galore are coming to an end and the joys of home ownership are going to be enjoyed by more Americans in the very near future?



There could be a few first time home buyers in here that need a great Realtor!

I am just going to tell myself that the Shodeen’s did not call on me to list these buildings because they know my true passion is single family homes in Geneva, in case you are wondering!





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Downtown Geneva’s NUMBER 1 real estate office for 2011 AND 2012!! Stone Tower Properties was recently named as one of 2012’s highest producing offices in Kane County!

Happy 2013 to all! After a crazy year of putting a team together at the office, growing my business, putting out fires every single day in the real estate world, being a mom to three busy kids and a wife to my husband, I have re-committed myself to getting back to my blog. Expect to read more about the Geneva real-estate market, its’ trials & tribulations, an occasional rant, and, I suppose, a few observations perhaps. It is my hope that you will subscribe to this blog, share it with others and enjoy it.

We local Realtors have high hopes for a good year coming up. 2012 left us winded and out of breath, for good reason. The market seemed to be busier for all. There were 334 single family Geneva homes closed through the MLS in 2012. All said and told, it amounted to exactly $112,637,470 in home sales. When you pause for a moment to think of all of the folks that are associated with a real estate transaction (attorneys, home inspectors, radon testers, loan officers, Realtors, moving companies, utility companies, school districts, salesmen from Lowes & Home Depot, relocation companies) you will soon see that a busy real estate market can really stimulate a local economy.

After taking a few days to analyze the data from the sale of Geneva homes in 2012, here’s what I have to offer up in the way of analysis:

  • Out of 334 sales of single family homes, 77 were distressed sales               (distressed= court ordered, foreclosures, or short sales)  77 out of 334 equals 23%!! YIKES!! That number makes me sad and gives me a stomach-ache. Too many of our neighbors and fellow community members are losing their homes, still.
  • The lowest priced home that closed in Geneva sold for $54,100
  • The highest priced closing in Geneva was $850,000
  • 57 homes closed for less than $200,000! There were some pretty great bargains in that category.(If you are in the market for an income property or a small rental, now would be the time to get off the fence and get your checkbook out!)
  • As of 7 pm on January 7, there are 125 active properties on the market in Geneva. The lowest price on the market at this time is $100,000. The highest price on the market is $1,250,000.

As far as the year went, it was rough. There are still hiccups in the short-sale process. That system is getting better each month, but it’s still not good. The foreclosure process is still a horrific scare for any homeowner going through it. I have seen senior citizens go through it, investors go through it, and young families go through it. In a word, it is awful. There’s no more to say.

So, there it is, in a nutshell. If you are in need of more in-depth information on our market, please contact me. I am passionate about real estate in Geneva, and I can guarantee that there are very few out there who have seen as much inventory as I have. I’m happy to share my knowledge. Stay tuned in the upcoming days for Teresa’s “Biggest Loser” stories from 2012, the “Mysterious Ways of Realtor Tour Days”, and the “Top 10 BEST WAYS TO NOT SELL YOUR HOME.”

Last, but not least, I will be revealing the identity of Geneva’s Top Realtor for 2012…feel free to leave your guess below!

Until next time,

Teresa Keenan


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I am thinking that my relationship with my new buyer is strained, to put it very kindly….. I have neither the patience, nor the intestinal fortitude, to spend another day with this joker…..PLEASE, leave a comment if you believe (as he does) that the sign of a very well maintained home is indicated by the ability to graze your fingers along the top of each doorway, in every home, and find no dust when you check your fingertips….

image by Now and Zen Photography

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Credit cards

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When we moved out of our old office at 115 Campbell Street, downtown Geneva, we leased our space to the nicest ladies. They operate a business called “Just Credit Solutions,” which is a credit repair/counseling service. Naturally I was interested in their gig because so many of my clients ask me about credit right now. Credit, or lack thereof, drives our country right now! It affects the rate you pay for your mortgage, your credit cards, and even your car insurance!! True!

So, as soon as I had an opportunity, I referred a buyer to these gals. Miracle of all miracles, they helped this buyer repair some goofy issues on her report, and a couple of issues that were legit as well. They assisted her in raising her score substantially, and then lo and behold, she was able to qualify for a mortgage and buy a home! They have also helped a few others that I have sent their way as well.

If you have occasion to get your credit report repaired, do not hesitate to call them! They are professional, highly confidential, and totally affordable.



Ask for Jan, Tina or Cari!!!


Teresa Keenan

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The sign that you have arrived at one of Kane County's top 2010 top 20 real estate offices!



This was the remark from a fellow Realtor I was with last Thursday night at a function that was sponsored by a loan officer I do a lot of business with. I shrugged my shoulders and told her my company had our best year ever, and I had my best year ever, as well,  in 2010. Then I laughed until I cried when she told me, ” you still have your diamond earrings on… everyone else has hocked theirs!” HAHA!!!

Now, let’s make clear that this is not Teresa Rockefeller authoring the post!! I have beautiful earrings that my husband purchased for me many, many moons ago. MANY moons! At a time in my life (marriage) when earrings were very valued gift. At this time in my life (marriage) a more appreciated gift is a warm dinner, prepared by said spouse, and a laundry basket full of clean and folded laundry, also prepared by said spouse!!! Now that’s my kind of gift!!!

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Myles & Mom... photo courtesy of Roger Brown


That was the beginning of a conversation that I had with an acquaintance while I was attending a very fun holiday party last Saturday night. I asked her right away why she would think that?  She parroted back to me all of the media doom and gloom she has either read about or heard, and then she told me she has SEVERAL friends who are Realtors (Don’t we all???) who are miserable. We compared notes for a little while, and she moved on. (Thankfully!)  Sure, it’s been brutal for the last couple of years, but that’s probably the case for many, many industries out there, not just real-estate. The airlines, the auto industry, the finance world, health care providers, retailers and small businesses across the land, just to name a few. It didn’t take a whole lot of time for me to re-assure myself of all the reasons I am so thankful for my job…. Here are a few:

  • I love a good challenge! Marketing these homes and getting them under contract, and keeping them that way until the closing table is in clear sight, gives me a little adrenaline rush and a sense of pride!
  • I have watched colleagues and whole offices leave my market area, belly up, for the last 3 years… I am proud to still be here, leading an amazing group of Realtors in my office, doing more business than ever before. Our tiny office of 12 agents currently is 5th in volume in Geneva for 2010! The companies ahead of us have no less than 80 agents, each! I LOVE IT!
  • I guess I also like to be appreciated… the sense of accomplishment and thankfulness (from MOST of my clients) makes me feel good! I love a great “thank you” card or a new testimonial for my website….. if folks are impressed enough with your service to take a little time to put it in writing, in this busy world, it makes you feel special.
  • My reputation in the community is growing. I love to share my information and my market knowledge with anybody who asks…. it’s no secret! Those who own real-estate want to know how the market is faring, and what’s going on in their neighborhood….. I’ve seen thousands and thousands of properties in the last 22 years, and I love to compare notes about my observations!
  • I am honored, constantly, by those who choose to hire me for what will probably big one of the biggest transactions, financially, in their lives. Honored by their trust in me and their belief that I will get it done for them.
  • I love to find another way to get something done… this crazy market presents new problems to be solved CONTINUALLY! I enjoy being able to solve them, whatever they are, and move on. When I was business partners with Terra Ayres, I think I drove her nuts! There were times when the logical thing to do would be to cut my losses and move on, but I couldn’t stand walking away from a listing that was in the throes of foreclosure, or a buyer who had “analysis paralysis“! Those transactions were the most frustrating AND the most satisfying, for some weird reason.
  • I have enjoyed a career that is so flexible I can be home with the kids when I want to or need to… take a vacation when I want to…. skip work for the day to head off to a garden walk at the last minute…
  • I have had the luxury of meeting so MANY, MANY great people over the years, sheerly because of my job.
  • Every single listing is DIFFERENT… different sellers, different strategies, different marketing, different buyers, different buyer’s agents… DIFFERENT.

So I guess I don’t hate my job… occasionally, yes, it has its’ moments. Maybe it’s the time of year, or maybe it’s really thankfulness in general, but whatever it is I am still glad to be a part of it!


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Hello everyone-Well, a busy summer it has been…… in every single way. Busy at work, busy at home, busy everywhere I go.

What do you think of my new “look” for the THINK SOLD blog?? I put a lot of thought into how it should be presented and how I wanted it to ultimately look, and after MUCH monkeying around, we got it right! I am interested in your feedback, as always, so leave a comment below and let me know your opinion of my new look.

The real estate market continues to amaze us. There are great values everywhere around us, interest rates are WAY BELOW 5%, and we have sold 20% more properties so far this year than we did in all of last year…. with almost 5 full months left to go in 2010. I have included a link on our market trends here in Geneva, from January through today. I thought some of you junkies out there might be missing my statistics, so this would be a good way for you to get a “fix”!

market trend report Teresa Keenan

I’m looking forward to hearing back from all of you. For all of you who are busy gathering pencils, gym clothes and backpacks, find a little time to enjoy the last week of  “summer.” See you soon,

Teresa Keenan, Broker/Owner of Stone Tower Properties

325 South Street, Geneva, IL 60134


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