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Great article in today’s Trib about Shodeen’s very recent sale of a great apartment complex in Geneva.  Could it be that Shodeen sees the market turning around? Maybe he thinks the halcyon days of renters galore are coming to an end and the joys of home ownership are going to be enjoyed by more Americans in the very near future?



There could be a few first time home buyers in here that need a great Realtor!

I am just going to tell myself that the Shodeen’s did not call on me to list these buildings because they know my true passion is single family homes in Geneva, in case you are wondering!





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Iphone photos October 2009 031  

Welcome to…….

Front Door Fridays”…..in an effort to support our awesome local merchants, I will be posting some of my favorite “front doors” on Fridays. Most of the time the doors will be photos of the merchant’s doors… sometimes I will throw in a favorite home I have sold or something fun that catches my eye! If you are the first person to email me with the identity of the mystery photo, I will send you a gift card!! Now, let’s just manage expectations here…. The gift card will:

· Not be for $1000

· Be something you should enjoy immediately at said merchant locations!

· Be provided by Stone Tower Properties… it won’t be something I will be asking the merchants to donate!

· Be sent via US Mail, so when you email me, include your address!

I will announce the winner each week on the THINKSOLD site…..Once again, thank you for reading/subscribing to my blog, and thank you for your continued support of the best real-estate firm in Geneva!

So, for our first ever "Front Door Friday", who knows which charming little retail shop this front door belongs to?? Good luck and I hope to hear from you SOON!


Teresa Keenan, Broker/Owner of Stone Tower Properties

115 Campbell St, suite 201

Geneva, IL 60134


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